Non-Resident Nepali Association, NCC, Germany (NRNA-Germany) was established with the purpose of uniting and binding the Nepali Diaspora in Germany under one umbrella. Wherever we Nepalis may go or settle, whichever nationality we may possess, we never forget our land of origin, the land which holds our identity and soul. We rejoice in the achievement of our beloved country and her people and are disheartened by their sufferings and failures. Our belief:“Once a Nepali you always remain a Nepali”, is reinforced by our commitment to streamline our energy and resources for the transformation of the Nepali society. It is the duty and responsibility of every nation to promote, represent and safe guard the welfare of its nationals or people of its origin having foreign nationality and this will ultimately be in the interest of the nation. The national interest that can be fulfilled by the diasporas has not been hidden from the German arenas. The network of Nepali Diaspora in Germany represented by NRNA – Germany has developed itself into a formidable force that can represent Nepali interest in Germany. Keeping all these in mind, the Government of German has given legal status to Nepali Diaspora as Non-Residential Nepalese Association e.V.

Motto: “For Nepali by Nepali”

Strategic Goals:
The Strategic Goals of NRNA, Germany is to unite and bring Nepali residing in Germany under one umbrella; protect and promote their interest in and outside Nepal and utilize their potentials and resources for the welfare of Nepal. To achieve these objectives the association shall conduct the following activities:

  1. Promote and protect the rights and interest of Nepalis residing outside Nepal
  2. Establish a global network and a common platform for Nepalis Diaspora
  3. Attract and facilitate NRNs investment including foreign direct investment (FDI) for economic and social development of Nepal
  4. Promote tourism and preserve Nepali culture and heritage globally
  5. Mobilize the knowledge, skills, capital and other resources within the disposal of NRNs for the socio economic development of Nepal.


Strategic Objectives:

  1. Institutionalization and financial sustainability of NRNA
  2. Continuation of Nepali Citizenship (CNC)
  3. Promote and support fair and equitable rights of Nepali migrant workers
  4. Promote and engage in sustainable social impact activities for the best interest of the greater communities in Nepal
  5. Develop strong network of LCCs
  6. Develop connectivity and network of youth diaspora
  7. Identify and promote investments in Nepal that are of national interest and give social benefits
  8. Promote and mobilize investments in Nepal
  9. Lobby with the Government for investment friendly policies
  10. Promote Nepal internationally through NRNA networks
  11. Advocate the government of Nepal to build good governance and sustainability in the area of tourism
  12. Promote NRNs and foreign investment for sustainable tourism development
  13. Indentify NRNA, skills, knowledge, innovation and capital
  14. Develop connectivity and network of entrepreneurs within and outside Nepal