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1. What is collective Investment ?
It’s a pool of money which is professionally managed.
Basic Idea :
Combine your money with other people’s money, so that you can do more than if you invest alone. To go fast, walk alone, To go far, walk together
Achieve the best possible return for investors. In our case, mobilize our knowledge, skills and capital in the socio-economic development of Nepal (Jiba Lamichhane, 2011 )

2. What about risk ?
Collective investment lowers the risk of your investment, this doesn’t mean there is no risk to your capital. The risk will vary depending on where the fund is invested.

3. Can we run a collective investment project even in Germany ?
Yes, we can By Kumar Panta
How to create an investment project?
Conducting meetings/discussion
Find out different investing areas:
Hotel / Gastronomy
Goods and handicrafts from Nepal
Education targeting Asian students in Germany
What are the areas for investment in Nepal
youth hostels / Idea of hotel and youth hostel
Cold strorages
Colleges for subjects like Computer Science, Language institutes, Vocational training centers.
IT sectors
How to invest in Nepal ?
NRN investment limited
Why is it so important to start right now?
If not yet, when ? Collective investment will keep in a close contact among us. It will develop our business capacity. It will strengthen our will and capacity to invest in Nepal collectively.
We now know the investment areas, WHAT NEXT ?
4. What NEXT ?
Make a call for investment with detail of project Answer the FAQs:
What are the main features of the Collective Investment Plan ?
Can I make a withdrawal ?
How will I know how my Collective Investment Plan is doing ?
How to contact us ?
How to complain ?
What happens to my Collective Investment Plan if I die ?
Make a final list of investors
New company registration (or already exits ?)
What about representative body ?
Total person contacted:
Personal emails: More than two emails 200
Through facebook group
Through group email
Total responses: ~ 100 persons
Positive responses : ~ 50 persons
Total attendances


Jiba Lamichhane, 2011. Collective Investment by NRNs.
Kumar Panta, 2013. Presentation 6th NRN European Regional Meeting Switzerland.