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Program organized:

1. Recent Graduate Acknowledgement

Recent Graduate Acknowledgement Program, 2015

NRNA Germany, took initiative to organize ‘Recent Graduate Acknowledgement’ Program annually. This year, 2015, we are organizing in Berlin during our Dashain Celebration Party. Aim of this ‘Recent Graduate Acknowledgement’ program is to

  1. identify recently graduated Nepalese student so that we could assist them in the life of after university in Germany.
  2. bridge graduates and companies in Germany and Nepal so that employment opportunity can be facilitated.
  3. bridge among graduates and Nepal-German investors for possible business collaboration.

Well, for this year, Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur organized the program ‘Recent Graduate Acknowledgement’ program on 24th Oct. 2015 in Berlin.

2. Graduates Opportunity Info Day: 18th May, 2016