LCC - Berlin/Brandenburg meetup together with New Year 2072 Organized

Published On: Saturday, April 11, 2015 | Source: NRNA GERMANY

With active support of Nepalese Students Society of Germany (NSSG), Nepalese Embassy in Berlin, Germany, the NRNA – local coordination committee (LCC) organized LCC – Berlin/Brandenburg meet up together with New Year. In this program, students, non-residential nepalese living in Germany and surrounding countries, German and other countries citizens who love Nepal and Nepalese culture were participated.

The program was started with cultural program together with welcome message from coordinators. Mr. Rajesh Pajiyar and Mr. Manoj Bhattrai from LCC – Berlin/Brandenburg were actively coordinating the program. At the same time, students were leading the program arrangements and cultural events.

Manoj Bhattrai_Singing