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How to get from Frankfurt Train statioin to Eventplace:

Please take Tram 11  from Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof  which goes towards Frankfurt  Zuckschwerdtstraße. Please get off at the last station. The Train will start from Track nr 1 and it will take 26 Minutes. The trains goes every 10 min from main station to the last stop  Zuckschwerdtstraße. From the last stop go ahead to in the direction of the tram and take left, Walk 218 Meter to reach to Holtel Lindner Congress. If you you are staying at Hotel Höchsterhof, please walk further . The walking route is given below. You can also take this Tram Nr 11  if you want to visit city frankfurt. When you take this tram from  Zuckschwerdtstraße, you will reach to  the main train station in  26 minutes. From there you can everywhere with a short walking.

How to get from Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 to Event Place
Please take Bus nr 58 from Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen (Airport) Terminal 1 which goes  towards Eschborn Bahnhof  and get off at  Frankfut Höchst Markt.  The bus will tak enearly 25 minutes to reach from airport to Frankfurt Höchst Markt. Then you need to walk from there to your destination either Hotel Höchsterhof (Mainberg 3) or Hotel Lindner Congress ( Bolongarostraße 100 ) . It will take 10-13 minutes walk  to get there. Please follow the map to walk as mentioned below